Paediatric Foot Care

While children and adolescents share many of the same podiatric conditions as adults, they also have a special set of their own challenges associated with stages of normal and rapid growth.

Children and teenagers are continually having to re-program themselves to adapt to their ever-changing bodies. Through their years of development, new school, sports and recreational challenges and activities subject feet to a range of new stresses and demands.

Both Hypermobility and Hypomobility issues (too much or too little joint flexibility) are reasonably common in children. Some conditions are congenital like Talipes, requiring ongoing treatments over years, while others may be developmental. Children’s bones are more soft and supple than adults, and more prone to distorting while they are developing. It is very important to pay special attention to the development of your child’s feet and lower legs to prevent problems in later life.

Children’s close social interaction with one another and their environment can also promote the spread of bacterial, fungal and viral infections. While warts and ingrown and infected toenails are commonplace in children they can be extremely painful and distracting.

Young and adventurous minds willingly take on high risk physical activities which can lead to a range of unusual injuries. While these are frequently related to sporting activities, as we all know, there are many other creative ways that children can injure themselves.

One of the challenges that parents constantly face is deciphering the signals and feedback from children. In the case of growing pains, it’s rare that a child doesn’t complain from time to time, but it’s very important that parents really tune in and make sure that they aren’t dismissing more serious and preventable issues as noise. The importance of prioritising function over fashion in footwear choice is an ongoing battle many parents will relate to.

Here at Bull Creek Podiatry, we understand that children are generally anxious having medical treatment, especially when they may be in pain or frightened of treatments. That’s why we pride ourselves on being child friendly and empathetic. Both the child and parent(s) are actively involved in the consultation process and we take the time to ensure the appropriate diagnosis, recommendations and treatment plan for your child. Contact us at BCP now for your child’s consultation.