There are several different types of orthotics.  They provide a firm supportive layer, underneath our feet, which sits inside of our shoes.  Mass produced shoes are made to fit a notional standard foot profile.  As we all come in different shapes and sizes, our feet end up conforming to the shape of our shoes.  It is not until they eventually wear in that they become comfortable.  This wearing in process is partly the shoe changing, but also partly our foot just getting used to the new shape.  This new shape may not be right for us, and can cause issues which manifest elsewhere, such as knee or hip pain.  This effect can be made worse when it’s happening with several different pairs of shoes at the same time.

Orthotics are tailor made to fit the profile or your feet, so your feet are maintained in their natural position, rather than having to contort to the shape of the shoe.  Apart from being more comfortable and supportive, other benefits can include increased stability, pain relief and improved posture.  They can be very beneficial if you have a job where you spend a lot of time on your feet, even reducing tiredness.  Over the longer term, orthotics can also help with correcting biomechanical issues and can also be used for “weight offloading” on pressure points.

We offer a range of options with orthotics, from a fully customised pair, made from a casting or scan of your own foot, through to cheaper “off the shelf” options which may be a close natural fit, or require some slight modifications to fit your foot.

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