Miscellaneous Foot Conditions

At Bull Creek Podiatry we pride ourselves in providing premium customer care for all your podiatry needs. We have EFTPOS and TYRO payment systems linked to all major health funds for automatic, on the spot claims. We also fully support Medicare, CDM/EPC (with GP referral) and Department of Veterans Affairs (DVS) card holders.

If you can’t come to our clinic in Bull Creek, home visits may be arranged for individuals or groups by appointment. Please contact us for more information.

Biomechanics is a fundamental component of the services we provide. Gait analysis, joint mobilisation and orthotics are all routinely used.  Issues with knees and hips can be intrinsically linked to issues with feet and shoes. We take a holistic approach to each patient’s health.

Children share a wide range of common adult conditions, but they also have a special set of challenges associated with rapid development.  It’s amazing how quickly they outgrow a new pair of shoes.  As we all know, kids can complain but unfortunately, sometimes preventable issues get dismissed as growing pains leading to serious problems later in life.  In addition to the more common issues such as ingrown toenails and warts, we can help to ensure that your child’s feet are developing on track.

Cracked heels can often be troublesome for people; aside from their unpleasant appearance, they can cause pain, irritation & discomfort. Generally, people can successfully manage this condition from home in minor cases, but in more serious cases, we can help you to restore smooth and crack-free heels.

Previously known as the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program, the CDM is a Department of Health initiative which provides support for patients managing chronic conditions through a structured care plan, developed between the patient and their GP, through rebates. We are allied with GPs to provide podiatric services within a patient’s care plan.

One of the many side effects of diabetes can be serious foot problems for patients.  Annual podiatric diabetic risk assessments are recommended for diabetic patients to monitor, treat and prevent related complications.  Circulation issues typically lead to increased susceptibility to wounds.  We have a great deal of experience educating and helping people with managing their diabetic foot related issues.

Dry needling, similar to acupuncture, can have remarkable and immediate benefits in relieving pain, releasing muscle and nerve tension and improved circulation.  Immediate relief frequently contributes to longer term healing.  We are highly qualified and experienced in this popular treatment.

We are trained and equipped with the latest in medical laser technology which has been providing excellent results in the treatment of deep tissue pain.

Toenails can cause a number of different problems for patients.  Some less mobile patients may just need help with basic nail care while others may need nail surgery to remove stubbornly problematic nails.  Ingrown toenails are very common, but can cause persistent and painful infections.  Deformed or thickened nails often require specialist attention.  Fungal infections can also spread if not dealt with.  We routinely treat all these and other nail related issues.

Orthotics provide feet with specially tailored support.  Mass produced shoes are typically made for a general foot profile.  As we all come in different shapes and sizes, our feet have to conform to the shape of our shoes until they eventually wear in.  This can be made worse when we wear several different pairs.  Orthotics work the other way as they conform to the shape of our feet providing support.  Benefits include stability, pain relief and improved posture.  Orthotics can also help with correcting structural issues with feet over time and weight offloading on pressure points.

We offer several ways to help here.   We can re-assess and modify your existing orthotics,  measure you up for new custom made orthotics or help you with some of the less expensive “off the shelf” options.

Pain can be associated with many conditions. Injuries and wounds may have more obvious causes, while those such as Plantar Fasciitis or other nerve conditions may be less obvious.  The cause of referred pain can be much more difficult to identify.  We tailor various methods to help manage and alleviate pain depending on your needs. These include laser therapy, dry needling, deep tissue manipulation, wound care and infection control.

Our welcoming clinic offers excellent accessibility for the elderly and those with a wide range of disabilities.  Treatments are also tailored to individual patient’s needs.

Sporting injuries can range from sudden events such as sprains, to compounding issues over a longer period like stress fractures.  Either way, they can be acutely painful.  We can help with a recovery program, providing management for swelling and inflammation, injury support and pain relief, getting you back to your game.

The workplace can be harsh on your feet.  You may be standing or walking all day, you may need to wear protective footwear such as rubber boots or steel-caps.  You may have slipped, tripped or dropped something on your foot.  These issues are very common and there are treatments.  We are here to help look after your feet and get you safely back to work.

Feet can develop wounds for many reasons.  For example, wounds can stem from injuries, poor circulation, diabetes, blisters, and pressure points.  Frequently, foot and ankle wounds can struggle to heal. As patients, we don’t always give them the chance to heal as we rely on our feet so heavily and continue to use them. At Bull Creek Podiatry, we have extensive experience in foot and lower limb wound care. The offloading techniques we use help to keep you on your feet while your wounds are given the chance to heal.

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