Warts and Verrucae

Plantar warts are a very common complaint, caused by a viral infection in the skin.  This virus is the human papillomavirus (HPV).

Warts can occur commonly all over the body, and sometimes occur on the soles of the feet and between the toes. When they present like this, they are known as plantar warts or verrucae (they are the same thing).

Most people carry HPV, and warts tend to only appear when the immune system is tricked into ignoring the outbreak. The virus is highly contagious and commonly contracted from touch, or even wet areas such as public pools and changerooms through small cuts or abrasions in the skin. They can also spread within the same patient through contact.

Sometimes warts just come and go on their own accord, but sometimes they can persist for extended periods (even years) and become painful and problematic.

Treatments vary and include sharp debridement (removing layers of the skin on and around the wart) freezing, burning and occlusive dressings but it’s ultimately the body’s immunity which must deal with the wart.  Many treatments work by causing activity in the localised region which alerts the immune system.

Doctors and podiatrists have access to specialised products on the market for treating warts which can have good success rates in even the most persistent warts.  Contact us for further information.