Cracked Heels

Cracked heels commonly cause people discomfort and pain.  Aside from their unpleasant appearance, they can be irritating and in severe cases bleed and become infected.  In mild cases, people can effectively manage cracked heels with creams and mildly abrasive pumice stones.  While there are also products on the market for shaving, scaping or grating your feet, we strongly recommend that you never use anything with a blade like this to treat yourself.  Aside from the obvious risk of cutting too deeply into the layers of the skin and seriously injuring yourself, there are other concerns around hygiene and infection.

If you have a more severe or persistent case of cracked heels, or difficulty treating them yourself, you should definitely seek professional help.  Not only can Podiatrists treat the physical aspects of the condition, but will also be able to investigate and advise on potential underlying medical contributing factors, or inappropriate footwear.

For a consultation on your cracked heels, book a treatment, or contact us at Bull Creek Podiatry.